Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies

The Carter Thought Lab plays an integral role in the new Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies Program. Students who are candidates for this certificate will be required to participate in activities sponsored by the Lab. That is, another important aspect of the Lab is to bring together students in the program as well as to serve as a place where they can collaborate. In addition to the qualitative software available for students to use, the Lab also offers three activities for engaging student involvement, an important requirement for the Certificate:

  1. Students may participate in a research-oriented activity related to I-SEEC Change, the overarching vision of the Lab.
  2. Students may participate in a teaching-oriented activity toward developing mastery of specific software and then teaching that software in workshops, within courses and/or to small groups interested in learning the software to demonstrate that mastery.
  3. Students may participate in a service-oriented activity toward developing an online repository of teaching ideas, practices, units, exercises, etc. appropriate for an introductory course in qualitative research methods.

Students will also have the opportunity to attend any guest lectures, workshops, and discussion groups facilitated as part of the Lab.

Certificate Founder & Co-Director: Dr. Sherick Hughes

Certificate Co-Director (until December, 2018): Dr. George Noblit

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies, visit this page.